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2008-Frozen River by Courtney Hunt

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Ciclo de Cinema|Óscares 2009

Nominee Best Actress in a Leading Role - Melissa Leo/ Best  Writing (Original Screenplay)



Ray Eddy (Melissa Leo) vive num trailer no interior do estado de Nova York. Tímida e reservada, enfrenta problemas para manter a família unida após o desaparecimento do com o dinheiro que seria usado como entrada para a compra da casa dos seus sonhos. Para conseguir a quantia Ray une-se a Lila Littlewolf (Misty Upham), uma contrabandista, e passa a atravessar ilegalmente imigrantes pela fronteira entre o Canadá e os Estados Unidos. O percurso segue o congelado rio St. Lawrence, com as duas transportando chineses e paquistaneses no porta-malas do carro de Ray.



Frozen River is a moving work. Courtney Hunt seems a sensitive and thoughtful artist, particularly adept at portraying the inner workings and relationships of the family at the center of her film and the effect of economic hardship on those relationships.

Melissa Leo turns in a strong performance, and James Reilly, who portrays Ray's youngest son, is an endearing presence. There is a great deal about the film that feels honest and authentic. The necessary attention has been paid to seemingly small but ultimately meaningful details, and the camera of Hunt and cinematographer Reed Morano lingers just long enough on the right things—a face, the interactions between two children—to allow us time to think about what's playing out before our eyes.

It must be said, however, that while the film is often moving, there are times when the drama doesn't quite involve us as it should and certain sequences feel strained or forced.



Cinemantário: Gostei muito deste filme.